Anna Massie & Mairearad Green – Toller Folk aus Schottland mit Gitarre, Fiddle, Banjo und Akkordeon oder Dudelsack

Vor Kurzem habe eine Aufnahme von Anna und Mairearad bei soundcloud entdeckt und mir anschließend bei youtube die Videos von zusammengesucht. Von Anfang an hat mich dieses Duo mit Akkordeon und Gitarre, Banjo oder Fiddle überzeugt. Bei einigen Stücken spielt Mairearad auch den Dudelsack.

Obwohl das Duo schon seit zwölf Jahren zusammen spielt haben sie gerade erst ihre erste eigene CD veröffentlicht – Best Day:

‘Best Day’ was recorded at Gran’s House Studio in Lamington in peaceful and picturesque South Lanarkshire. Remaining true to their live sound, the album is performed entirely by Mairearad and Anna themselves. Their pairing combines Mairearad’s deft and lyrical accordion style, as well as her masterful piping, with Anna’s unparalleled versatility on guitar, fiddle and banjo. After over twelve years playing together, in the last few years, both have introduced songs to their live set, demonstrating the pair’s seemingly infinite abilities as musicians, but also the symbiotic synergy of performing together. ‘Best Day’ is the duo’s first album to include songs, and it will be available exclusively on tour, ahead of its release on November 16, 2015.

Viel Spass mit Anna und Mairearad!

Playliste Anna und Mairearad


Weitere Informationen

Website Mairearad Green

Mairearad regularly performs alongside multi-instrumentalist Anna Massie, creating “music much more than the sum of just two parts” (The Scotsman) whilst she is also a member of The Poozies. She has previously toured with Eddi Reader, Karine Polwart, The Unusual Suspects, Box Club, Matilda Brown’s ensemble, and Tunebook with Ross Ainslie and Simon Bradley.

Website Anna Massie

Equally at home as accompanist or melody player, Anna Massie is one of Scotland’s foremost guitarists. A skilled multi-instrumentalist, she also excels on the fiddle, mandolin and tenor banjo. Renowned for her work with Blazin’ Fiddles and Mairearad Green, the past few years have also seen Anna perform with her own band, Bella Hardy, Julie Fowlis, Kate Rusby, Karen Matheson, Capercaillie and Eddi Reader.

Website Mairearad & Anna

Two of Scotland’s most revered multi-instrumentalists, Mairearad Green (accordion and bagpipes) and Anna Massie (guitar, banjo, fiddle) are a truly captivating duo, providing a highly energetic performance with an instantly warm and friendly stage presence.

Anna und Mairearad bei soundcloud

Zeichnungen von Liz Smith – Liz Smith hat ein paar tolle Bleistiftzeichnungen von Anna und Mairearad gezeichnet – wenn ihr euch für Kunst und Musik interessiert unbedingt ansehen!

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Musetteries von Lydie Auvray (Akkordeon)

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