James Hill – Ukulele – Konzert beim CBC

James Hill gehört zu den wichtigsten Ukulele-Virtuosen. Ich hatte ein Konzert beim CBC angehört, dieses Konzert ist leider nicht mehr verfügbar.

Zu James Hill konnte man beim CBC folgendes lesen:

According to James Hill we’re in the midst of a revolution, albeit a small one. The ukulele, embraced by mainstream media from Oprah to American Idol, has returned from pop culture exile to become a tonic for modern malaise the world over. It’s a beautiful thing. And since the release of ‘Playing Like It Isn’t’ in 2002, he’s made it his mission to convince skeptics of the beauty, versatility and appeal of this chronically underestimated instrument. And has it worked? The Honolulu Star-Bulletin calls James a “rare peer” of Hawaii’s premier ukulele players. Stuart MacLean (Vinyl Café) calls him “the Wayne Gretzky of the ukulele.”

Wanting to find out what all the fuss was about we invited James Hill into our rooftop Studio H in Halifax for concert featuring his small but mighty collection of hand built ukuleles. We weren’t disappointed.

Und hier drei ganz aktuelle Videos mit James Hill, Ukulele zusammen mit Anne Davison, Violoncello – die ersten beiden Stücke waren auch im CBC Konzert zu hören.

Cairns Ukulele Festival July 3 2010 „Oh! Susanna“ James Hill, Anne Davison cello

Cairns Ukulele Festival July 2010 James Hill, cello Anne Davison – One More Lie to Love

Cairns Ukulele Festival 2010 James Hill + Anne Davison cello – Smash the Window & St Anne’s Reel

Weitere Informationen zu James Hill

Älterer Blog Beitrag in diesem Blog: James Hill – One Note Samba

Homepage: http://www.ukulelejames.com/

Youtube Kanal James Hill: http://www.youtube.com/user/yogajenny


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